Eye-catcher in the (bed)room

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The beautiful design radiator Tubone from Instamat proves that heat can be very beautiful. A radiator with a nice sleek design that blends in completely with the interior. An eye-catcher in every room of your home!

Also in an electric version
The Tubone consists of an oval round tube with a diameter of 60mm. No matter how small or low the space or mounting wall, the Tubone always fits. This radiator is available in a vertical or horizontal version and in three widths or heights. An electric version is also available, equipped with a vertical handle, a towel rail that provides delicious pre-heated towels.

Horizontal and vertical version
The Tubone can be supplied with one element, two or three elements next to each other, on top of each other, or two elements behind each other. This radiator can also be placed horizontally above the bath, for example. The Tubone is standard equipped with a 50mm connection, which is located behind the radiator.

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