Warmth is our passion!

Instamat offers a cutting-edge range of (design) radiators that fit into every room of the house. Create the ultimate combination of warmth and design and indulge in luxury and comfort in your home! A long-term warranty ensures optimal warmth and superior quality.

Below, make a selection from our product range or download our brochure to get inspired!

The design radiator is a stylish and timeless centerpiece in your interior. When designing the radiator, the focus is on the design aspect, whether it's modern or classical. The design options range from horizontal, vertical, angled, or rounded tubes to a completely flat front or a unique shape. The color palette is also extensive, ranging from matte natural tones to metallic or vibrant colors, as well as timeless glossy or matte white and black options.

Bathroom radiators are available in various types and sizes, suitable for both small and large bathrooms. From classic to sleek design. The bathroom radiator provides a comfortable temperature and is characterized by the ability to warm your towel or bathrobe. In addition to the traditional central heating version, most models are also available in a mixed or electric version.

The name says it all. These radiators are suitable for any project in a home or office setting. From the smallest room to a spacious living and dining kitchen. The radiators are characterized by high capacity and fast heat emission. There are many extensive options available regarding dimensions, connection possibilities, design, and colors. In this way, there is a solution for every situation.

Electric radiators serve as a supplement to any heating system. The house is simply heated in a sustainable manner. Electric heating has many advantages. The radiators have a long lifespan, are safe, silent, and energy-efficient, providing pleasant and consistent radiant heat. In addition, the installation is simple. The installation or relocation of heating pipes is not necessary as long as there is a power outlet nearby.