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7 March 2016
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The designer radiator Stretta stands out for its sleek design and beautiful finish. This radiator can be used in all rooms of the house and office. Equipped with energy-saving technology, while maintaining comfortable radiant heat. When the radiator heats up, the front side will become fully warm first and only then will the back side become warm.

This has the advantage of significantly reducing the warm-up time and increasing the heat radiation. This provides a maximum feeling of comfort. This technology also makes the radiator suitable for use with low-temperature systems.

The Stretta has a flat front and tightly folded sides, which makes no seams visible. This makes it seem as if the radiator hangs freely from the wall. Behind the casing, there is a vertical double panel radiator with convection fins.

The optional towel rack provides the Stretta with an additional functionality in the bathroom or kitchen. The towel rail is made of brushed or polished stainless steel, has a height of 40mm, and is attached to the radiator. You can choose for one or multiple brackets. The towel rack can be mounted at almost any height, both on the left and the right, and can also be mounted after installation.

The Stretta comes with 2 metal wall brackets in the same color as the radiator and 2 spacers. These are supplied together with the vent valve. The Stretta comes standard with 6 connections.




Available in various colors (green/orange sections of the color chart), Polished stainless steel, Standard white, Textured grey powder coating DRS 1




Bathroom, Hall, Kitchen, Living room, Office





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