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25 November 2016
Kermi energy saving radiators
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25 November 2016
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Kermi therm-x2 Profil

Kermi THERM-X2 PROFIL: The Ultimate Combination of Efficiency and Aesthetics

Experience the perfection of heat with THERM-X2 PROFIL radiators. This beautifully profiled heating solution not only offers a unique and innovative x2 technique for lower energy consumption and unparalleled comfort, but also an aesthetic design that suits both new builds and renovations.

These radiators are designed to meet the highest quality requirements and have all the features required for advanced heat distribution. Whether you have a heat pump or another heat source such as oil, gas or district heating, the THERM-X2 PROFIL is suitable for all systems.

With a height of 200mm, the Kermi panel radiators offer an ideal solution for verandas, conservatories and under window sills. Enjoy pleasant warmth while the room gets a beautiful appearance.

What makes THERM-X2 technology really special is the energy savings of up to 11% and a 25% shorter heating time compared to conventional panel radiators. This not only translates into more comfort, but also into cost savings and more environmentally friendly use.

The flexible connection options of the THERM-X2 PROFIL, such as the therm-x2 Vplus, make it possible to realize almost all types of connections. The standard “valve on the right” and optional “valve on the left” offer you the freedom to adapt the radiator perfectly to your needs.

Choose from a wide range of sizes and RAL colors to perfectly integrate your heating into any interior. The THERM-X2 PROFIL not only offers warmth, but also a stylish addition to any room.

Discover the ultimate combination of efficiency and aesthetics with THERM-X2 PROFIL radiators. Take advantage of the technological advantage and treat yourself to both comfort and a beautiful appearance.

Kermi energy-saving radiators combine attractive, high-quality design with innovative technology and are available in different sizes and numerous trendy color variations.


Available in various colors (blue/orange sections of the color chart)




Bathroom, Hall, Kitchen, Living room, Office



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