7 March 2017
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7 March 2017
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Leden PR

The LEDEN PR has a classic look but is made with the most modern production techniques. This radiator offers many options with regard to size, color, connection and installation. The timeless, elegant design fits into every interior and every room in the house.

This radiator is also available in a angled or curved design. These designs are custom-made based on a dimensional sketch or template. Prices for these designs are available upon request based on a dimensional sketch. When ordering, it will be determined whether the radiator will be delivered in one piece. Curved radiators must have a minimum length of 12 sections. The outer 3 sections cannot be bent.

Depending on the size of the radiator, it is possible that it will be delivered in 2 or 3 parts. On-site, the radiator needs to be assembled together. Please consult our price list for this information. The radiator is coated with a powder epoxy layer after undergoing a thorough rust-preventive pre-treatment.

Clear Coat

The LEDEN PR is also available in several sizes in a clear lacquered version. In this version, the traces of welding are visible. This gives the radiator a nice, industrial look.

Leden PR lacquered in white

In addition, the LEDEN PR is also available in an electric version. This radiator is supplied as standard with the white EL.BEDIENING.08 thermostat.

As an option, it is possible to choose for:

  • EL.AFSTAND.02 Digital remote control
  • EL.BEDIENING.11 Round thermostat, white
  • EL.BEDIENING.12 Round thermostat, matte black
  • EL.BEDIENING.13 Round thermostat, chrome

Click here for more information regarding the electric controls…

Logo Eco Design




Available in various colors (green/orange sections of the color chart), Standard white


Angle, Freestanding, Wall


Bathroom, Kitchen, Living room, Office






Hand towel button, Towel bracket

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