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17 March 2016
Quadro Bath
Quadro Bath
18 March 2016
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Serie T

Not just any radiator, but a versatile piece of furniture that fits in any space in the home; that’s the Serie T. Designers Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez aimed to create a literally and figuratively warm object with a single piece of aluminum. And it has succeeded, the radiator can be used as a piece of furniture in the bathroom or in the hallway, kitchen, or living room. Thanks to its various designs, the radiator blends seamlessly with the interior design. Surprising and versatile!

All types are available in various length and height sizes. The versatility of the design of the T Series makes these models not only suitable for the bathroom, but also for other spaces in the house. An optimal combination of warmth, functionality, and design.

The T Series comes with a connection set, suspension and venting. After a thorough pre-treatment, the radiator is provided with a powder-epoxy coating. The T Series is delivered as standard in sanitary white. Delivery in other colors is possible. All outputs are in accordance with EN442.

Serie T1M
By tilting the profile, a surprising effect is created. The recognizability of a radiator has disappeared and the design blends in with the interior.

Serie T1P
A horizontal radiator with a flat front. Optionally, there is a choice of 3 different cutouts at the rear. This provides an additional functionality of being able to hang towels over it.

Serie T2H
The double version of the horizontal T1M. This version provides additional power.

Serie T2V
The vertical application of the T2 not only creates a surprisingly new design. But by using various accessories, it also becomes possible to personalize the radiator.

The T series is also available in an electric version. This radiator comes without a thermostat as standard. In this case, the radiator is intended as a local auxiliary heating unit, a towel warmer or as part of a centrally controlled heating system (not included). Optionally, a programmable thermostat can be chosen. In that case, the radiator can be used as the primary heating source.

There is a choice of:

Digital thermostat with RF receiver

Digital built-in thermostat with touchscreen

Digital built-in thermostat

Digital built-in thermostat with touchscreen and WIFI functionality

Thermostats and controls

Click here for more information about the thermostats!

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Available in various colors (blue/orange sections of the color chart), Standard white




Horizontal, Vertical


Bathroom, Bedroom, Kitchen, Living room



Central warming



Hand towel button

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