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25 November 2016
Kermi therm-x2® energiebesparende radiator
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25 November 2016
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Kermi therm-x2 Line

Are you looking for a harmonious blend of style, performance and energy efficiency for your living spaces? Look no further than Kermi therm-x2 Line Radiators, designed to reshape your indoor climate. With a focus on innovation and user-oriented design, these radiators offer a range of benefits that transform your home into an oasis of comfort.

Subtle elegance for every interior:
The hallmark of Kermi therm-x2 Line Radiators is their understated and refined design, with finely profiled fronts that blend seamlessly with any interior style. Whether your space exudes contemporary minimalism or timeless elegance, these radiators will effortlessly complement your aesthetic vision.

Compact Versatility:
Choose between classic compact versions or models with integrated valve sets, tailor-made to suit your preferences. The flexibility of these radiators ensures that they not only provide optimal comfort, but also enhance the visual appeal of your spaces.

Fast Heat, Efficient Energy:
Experience the exceptional heat transfer, fast heat-up times and radiant efficiency of Kermi therm-x2 Line Radiators. Say goodbye to cold interiors and embrace the pleasure of fast and consistent heat. The advanced therm-x2 technology provides an energy saving benefit of up to 11%, along with a 25% reduction in heat-up time compared to conventional panel radiators.

Flexible Connectivity Options:
Meet therm-x2 Line-vplus, a game changer in radiator versatility. With a therm-x2 Vplus you get the freedom to realize a wide range of connection types, with unparalleled ease. Choose between the standard “valve right” configuration or go for the “valve left” configuration, at no extra cost.

Optimized for Diverse Spaces:
For rooms with unique architectural features, such as verandas, conservatories or spaces under window sills, the Kermi Line panel radiators with a height of 200mm fit seamlessly. Not only do they complement harmoniously, but also provide the desired warmth, effortlessly integrating comfort with aesthetics.

Kermi energy-saving radiators combine attractive, high-quality design with innovative technology and are available in different sizes and numerous trendy color variations.


Available in various colors (blue/orange sections of the color chart)




Bathroom, Hall, Kitchen, Living room, Office



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