7 April 2016
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25 November 2016
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Kermi therm-x2 Verteo

Kermi THERM-X2 VERTEO: The Elegant Vertical Panel Radiator

Give your space a contemporary and practical upgrade with THERM-X2 VERTEO, a sleek vertical panel radiator that saves space and takes energy efficiency to the next level. The VERTEO is available in different versions, so you can always find the perfect match for your interior.

Smart Space Saving Design

The THERM-X2 VERTEO is synonymous with saving space without sacrificing heating performance. With a slim size, this vertical panel radiator fits perfectly in modern spaces where every square meter counts. The profiled, smooth or finely profiled design of the front adds a touch of style to your interior.

Varying dimensions

You can choose from 6 different heights and 6 lengths to adapt the THERM-X2 VERTEO to your space and needs. Whether you are looking for a striking statement piece or a subtle addition to your interior, the VERTEO offers options for every taste.

Personalize with Colour

Make a statement with the color of your radiator. The THERM-X2 VERTEO is available in various RAL colours, giving you endless possibilities to adapt it to your interior style. Add a touch of personality to your space while enjoying heated comfort.

Energy Efficient Innovation

VERTEO’s THERM-X2 technology not only offers efficient heating, but also energy savings of up to 11%. With a shorter heating time of 25% compared to conventional panel radiators, you are assured of fast and cost-effective heat.

Add a touch of luxury to your daily routine with the optional towel bar, so you always have warm towels within reach. With a center connection of 50 mm you can easily mount a Kermi valve set. In addition, the VERTEO offers the flexibility to connect the radiator at the top or bottom, and even the choice to adjust the radiator type and size after the pipe installation.

The THERM-X2 VERTEO not only brings warmth, but also style and efficiency to your space. Discover the versatility of this elegant vertical panel radiator and give your interior an upgrade that embraces both comfort and aesthetics.

Kermi energy-saving radiators combine attractive, high-quality design with innovative technology and are available in different sizes and numerous trendy color variations.




Available in various colors (blue/orange sections of the color chart)




Bathroom, Hall, Kitchen, Living room, Office



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