Kermi energy saving radiators
Kermi therm-x2 Line
25 November 2016
Kermi energy saving radiators
Kermi therm-x2 – the energy-saving radiator
19 January 2017
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Kermi therm-x2 Plan

The Kermi THERM-X2 PLAN panel radiators not only offer pleasant warmth and improved comfort, but also present themselves as stylish additions to any room. The glossy smooth design adds a touch of sophistication and integrates effortlessly with various interior styles.

Useful and energy saving:
In the V version of the THERM-X2 PLAN, the valve is installed and factory-set to the heating capacity. This not only saves energy, but also makes on-site hydraulic adjustment superfluous. This makes for a smarter, more efficient heating solution.

Flexible for Any Project:
Whether for new construction or renovation, the THERM-X2 PLAN is suitable for both. The ability to adapt to different scenarios makes these radiators a versatile choice.

Aesthetically Refined:
The radiator’s sleek design blends harmoniously into a variety of interiors, and the available sizes and colors allow for adaptability in any space.

High-Quality Performance:
With a high heating capacity, sensitive control and dynamic functionality thanks to a low water content, THERM-X2 PLAN delivers excellent performance and comfort.

Energy-conscious and Fast:
With the integrated THERM-X2 technology you benefit from energy savings of up to 11% and a shorter heating time of 25% compared to traditional panel radiators. This means both lower energy bills and faster heating.

Flexibility in Connections:
With the THERM-X2 Plan model you can go in all directions. Whether you opt for the standard version “Valve on the right” or without extra charge for “Valve on the left,” this radiator offers versatile connection options.

Compact Splendor:
The height of 200 mm makes the Kermi Plan panel radiators in this series perfectly suitable for verandas, conservatories and places under window sills. Add an architectural accent to large window areas.

Kermi energy-saving radiators combine attractive, high-quality design with innovative technology and are available in different sizes and numerous trendy color variations.


Available in various colors (blue/orange sections of the color chart)




Bathroom, Hall, Kitchen, Living room, Office



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