Kermi therm-x2® energiebesparende radiator
Kermi therm-x2 Plan
25 November 2016
7 March 2017
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Kermi therm-x2 – the energy-saving radiator

Kermi energy-saving radiators

Get to know the therm-x2 panel radiators from Kermi, the ultimate combination of economical heating, high comfort and unparalleled quality. Experience the healthy, green warmth that envelops your entire home every day and enjoy unparalleled comfort while saving energy!

The Innovation behind therm-x2
The therm-x2 radiators go beyond the standard. With shorter heating times and up to 100% more pleasant radiant heat than conventional radiators, they deliver superior comfort and up to 11% energy savings! These radiators represent a smart choice for a more sustainable future.

Tailor-made for every situation
Whether you are a consumer, installer or consultant, therm-x2 radiators offer benefits that meet your specific needs. For consumers, it means enjoying fast heat-up times, pleasant warmth and energy savings. Installers can count on seamless replacement thanks to connection dimensions that fit perfectly with old DIN radiators. And consultants can rely on reliable, cost-effective solutions that combine aesthetics and modern technology.

Smart and Serial
Down with the conventional approach! The therm-x2 technology uses serial flow through which heat is transferred and heated more efficiently. This results in a warm-up time that is up to 25% shorter, faster valve operation and significant energy savings. This pioneering approach translates into ultimate comfort and reduced energy costs.

Kermi, Pioneers of Sustainability
The therm-x2 radiators are the result of Kermi’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. Each model has been carefully designed to meet the highest standards of efficiency and quality. With the original therm-x2 technology, Kermi transforms traditional heating into a modern, environmentally friendly solution.

Choose warmth, comfort and savings with therm-x2 radiators. Discover the range of models today, including THERM-X2 LINE, THERM-X2 PLAN, THERM-X2 PROFIL and Kermi Verteo.

Kermi energy-saving radiators combine attractive, high-quality design with innovative technology and are available in different sizes and numerous trendy color variations.




Bathroom, Hall, Kitchen, Living room, Office


Available in various colors (blue/orange sections of the color chart)

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