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7 March 2016
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7 March 2016
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Kolom AT

The KOLOM AT owes its name to the construction of the various columns, which radiate a pleasant warmth. The radiator can be installed both horizontally and vertically. And even angled or curved designs are possible. The timeless appearance makes the radiator applicable in various interior styles, both in homes and in (office) buildings. The KOLOM AT is constructed from two round collector tubes with flat-oval tubes perpendicular to them.

The round collector pipes have a diameter of 32mm. The flat oval tubes have dimensions of 70mm x 10mm. The center-to-center distance between the flat-oval tubes is 35mm. The radiator is coated with a powder epoxy layer after undergoing a thorough rust-preventive pre-treatment.

Welded feet
In addition to the wall brackets, the KOLOM AT can also be equipped with welded feet. For this, an additional cost applies. Naturally, the welded feet are in the same color as the radiator. The welded feet have a standard height of 150mm. The feet are located at the bottom of the third element on each side. From a length of more than 1500mm (44 elements), the radiator is equipped with 3 feet.

Angled or curved
The KOLOM AT can also be supplied in an angled or curved shape. These designs are custom-made based on a dimensioned sketch or template. Prices and options are provided exclusively upon request.

Kolomradiator AT


Available in various colors (green/orange sections of the color chart), Standard white (RAL9016)


Angle, Wall


Kolom, Vertical








Bathroom, Bedroom, Kitchen, Living room, Office

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