Thermostats and controls

Our electric radiators come with a pre-assembled electric element and optionally a digital thermostat.

The operation of this thermostat is extremely user-friendly. This one comes with the possibility to set a weekly or daily program. You can also choose whether the thermostat is continuously in operation or only for a period of two hours. An "open window detection" that automatically puts the radiator on standby, an "anti-freeze" function, and an ECO function provide extra comfort and save energy.

Class II and CE approved

Each radiator indicates whether a thermostat is included as standard and which other thermostat options may be available.

In addition, there is often also the option for a remote control. The thermostat is designed to heat the liquid in the towel radiator in combination with the heating element. Both the element and digital thermostat are class II and CE approved. The thermostat is located on the bottom right of the radiator.

The connection of the electric element and thermostat must be carried out in accordance with the applicable guidelines.