As primary or supplementary heating.

Electric radiators can serve as the main heating system. The major advantage is that the installation is quite simple. It is not necessary to install a network of heating pipes. The electric radiator, like other central heating systems, is controlled by a thermostat. Sustainable and energy-efficient.

Additional heating
If a space is already equipped with a heating system, such as underfloor heating, then an electric radiator can serve as an excellent supplementary heating source. For example, in the bathroom or kitchen. In this way, additional heating capacity is available or there is the possibility to warm up towels and bathrobes.

MIX version.

A radiator in mixed version combines the advantages of heating via central heating and electric radiators. The radiator is simply connected to the central heating system, but it also features an electric element.

If the central heating is turned off, for example in the summer, the radiator can still be heated using the electric element. In this way, it is still possible to heat the bathroom or kitchen or to provide a warm towel. Without the central heating needing to be turned on.