The bathroom is becoming increasingly beautiful and luxurious. It used to be mainly a practical space for washing, but now it is a place to relax and unwind. A pleasant temperature is essential. We offer a wide choice of designer radiators, in many models, sizes and colors. Everything is possible! Discover the latest trends.

Black in the bathroom

Black has a timeless effect and can be combined with almost any style and color. The use of black elements gives your bathroom a luxurious look. The black Volata designer radiator is an eye-catcher in every bathroom.

Natural materials

Natural materials give your bathroom a warm look. Bring the ‘outside’ ‘inside’ by using wood, marble or concrete. For example, integrating wood gives a warm appearance and fits into any style. Bathroom radiator Badia fits perfectly into this picture and also provides wonderful heated towels.

Go for color

Colors evoke emotions and create atmosphere. Most (design) radiators are available in any desired color and therefore suit any interior style. The finishing touch for your bathroom! Design radiator Teso Color has a beautiful minimalist appearance, which combines space and atmosphere with functionality and design.

Retro in the bathroom

A touch of nostalgia with the comfort of today. An important feature of a retro bathroom is the colors used. Think of old green, lilac, pink and light orange. Complete the retro bathroom with the right details, such as installing the classic design radiator. The Ledenradiator PR is a heater with a classic look due to its design. However, this design heater is produced with the most modern production techniques and is also characterized by the various options in size, color, connection and mounting.

Leden PR

Industrial look

This look is inspired by old factories and large and old buildings. With old and new materials you create an industrial bathroom with a sturdy and robust look. By using materials such as steel, stainless steel and concrete creatively, you can create both a warm and cool atmosphere. Designer radiator Quadro, bathroom radiator Bologna and bathroom radiator RIM fit perfectly into this interior style.

A touch of romance

Warm and soft colors fit in a romantic bathroom. Use warm earth tones or pastel shades on the walls, furniture or as decoration. Combine this with fresh flowers and beautiful candles. The Series T design radiators fit this trend. The optimal combination of warmth, function and design!

White and gray marble

Classic, timeless and easy to combine with all kinds of interior styles. In addition to marble, artificial materials such as porcelain with the appearance of natural stone give the same effect. The Tubone design radiator looks beautiful in a bathroom with these shades of marble.

Save energy.

Environmentally friendly and energy-efficient heating has become an important trend in recent years. The therm-x2 energy-saving panel radiators from Kermi combine an attractive and high-quality design with innovative energy-efficient technology. The radiators are available in many sizes and numerous trendy color variations.