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Deco – Light
18 November 2019
Robina bathroom radiator
16 December 2019
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Paneel TH

PANEEL RADIATOR TH has a modern and sleek design. The radiator fits seamlessly into any interior, because it is available in a large number of different sizes and colours.

Adding a functional accessory such as a towel rack, glass shelf, or mirror perfectly complements the beautiful design. The horizontal panels are composed of square collector tubes with rectangular tubes on top. These rectangular tubes have dimensions of 77x10mm. There is a small 3mm gap between the tubes, which promotes convection and improves the heat output. The collector pipes are positioned behind the tubes in such a way that they are not visible from the front.

Any existing louvers are attached to the elements by means of spot welding. Cover grille is included. The radiator is coated with a powder epoxy layer after undergoing a thorough rust-preventive pre-treatment.

The PANEEL TH is also available in an electric version. This radiator comes with the standard white EL.BEDIENING.08 thermostat.

As an option, it is possible to choose for:

      • EL.AFSTAND.02 Digital remote control
      • EL.BEDIENING.11 Round thermostat, white
      • EL.BEDIENING.12 Round thermostat, matte black
      • EL.BEDIENING.13 Round thermostat, chrome

Click here for more information about the electric thermostats.

Logo Eco Design




Available in various colors (green/orange sections of the color chart), Standard white


Angle, Wall


Bathroom, Hall, Kitchen, Living room




Hand towel button, Towel bracket

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