The advantages of an electric radiator

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25 May 2023
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19 July 2023

The advantages of an electric radiator

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Do you want to renew your bathroom or kitchen? Or are you planning to thoroughly refurbish your home? Then also include the radiators in the overall picture. Because designer radiators come in all shapes, sizes and colors and you can have them completely match your living style. Whether you go for modern, industrial or rural, there is a choice for every taste. Instamat, the supplier of the most beautiful heat, has a wide range of designer radiators. Even if you are specifically looking for an electric radiator, you have come to the right place! Not for nothing, because an electric radiator has many advantages.
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First of all, the installation of an electric radiator is easy. This way you don't have to install or move heating pipes, as long as there is a power point nearby. An electric radiator is also ideal as additional heating, especially in (bath)rooms with underfloor heating, because it provides extra warmth and comfort. And let's be honest, the bathroom is the place where you want to relax. In addition, many electric radiators have a handy function to heat up your towel or bathrobe, which makes drying off even more pleasant. Have you ever thought about an electric towel warmer? The JAY, for example, is such a beautiful energy-efficient towel warmer for the exclusive bathroom. One thing is certain! You always have access to a warm towel without being dependent on the central heating.

Let's take a look at the advantages of an electric radiator

  • Versatility: An electric radiator is an ideal addition to the existing floor heating in the bathroom. It provides extra comfort and helps prevent mold formation. In addition, they can of course also be used when the other radiators connected to the central heating system are not switched on. And electric radiators are available in a variety of styles, sizes, colors and designs, making them suitable for any interior style and room in your home.
  • Energy efficiency: Electric radiators are very energy efficient because they convert the electrical energy directly into heat without the energy loss, which is the case when transporting water in traditional heating systems.
  • Fast and even heating: Electric radiators provide instant and even heating of the room, allowing you to quickly enjoy a comfortable temperature.


The electric radiators from Instamat a comply with all the rules of the span EU legislation on Ecodesign. This means that they are equipped with advanced technologies, such as smart ones thermostats and programmable timers, which allow you to precisely control the temperature. This way you only consume energy when you need it, which leads to savings on your energy bill. Each radiator is supplied with a pre-assembled electrical element and possibly with a digital thermostat. The operation of the thermostat is simple and user-friendly and offers the possibility to set a weekly or daily program. Useful functions such as 'open-window detection' (where the radiator automatically goes into standby in the event of a sudden drop in temperature, for example if a window is open), an 'antifreeze' function and an ECO function provide extra convenience and comfort. In short, due to the increasing focus on sustainability and energy efficiency, electric radiators are becoming increasingly popular. They therefore offer an ideal solution for heating your home comfortably and efficiently, and therefore more energy-efficiently.

  • Individual temperature control: Electric radiators allow you to control the temperature in each room individually, providing you with a personalized and comfortable level of heat.
  • Easy installation: Electric radiators are easy to install as no complex piping or connections are required. They can be quickly and easily installed in any room.
  • Advanced features: Modern electric radiators often offer advanced features such as programmable timers and thermostats that help you precisely regulate the temperature, optimize energy consumption and increase comfort.
  • Environmentally friendly: Electric radiators do not emit harmful substances during use. In addition, they can be linked to sustainable energy sources such as solar panels.


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